Delta Scan Takes Home Top Prize at Start-Up World Cup Pitch Competition

Delta Scan, a South African startup that utilises drone technology for infrastructure inspection, has emerged victorious at the Africa Tech Festival‘s Start-Up World Cup Pitch Competition. The company’s innovative approach to infrastructure assessment impressed the judges, earning them a spot in the global finale in San Francisco, USA.

Delta Scan’s technology addresses the time-consuming and costly nature of traditional infrastructure inspections. By employing drones equipped with sophisticated sensors, Delta Scan can capture high-resolution data that is then used to generate detailed 3D models. These models provide engineers with a comprehensive overview of the infrastructure’s condition, enabling them to identify potential issues and make informed repair decisions.

“We are thrilled to have been recognised for our innovative approach to infrastructure inspection,” said Darryl Epstein, Managing Director of Delta Scan. “Our technology has the potential to revolutionise the way infrastructure is maintained and inspected, saving time, money, and lives.”

Epstein will join 49 other entrepreneurs from around the world at the Start-Up World Cup finale in San Francisco, where they will compete for a grand prize of $1 million.

Masterclass in Funding

Earlier in the week, Africa Tech Festival attendees were treated to a masterclass on the art of fundraising. Eric Osiakwan of Chanzo Capital emphasised the importance of establishing a rapport with potential investors.

“Investors look for chemistry and that comes from your storytelling,” Osiakwan explained. “Ask yourself, how do I make a connection with that person which is less transactional? Tell them what you are doing and why you are doing it. After the initial connection, the rest becomes easier. But you must tell your investor something that sticks out and stays in their mind, something unique.”

Other key insights from the masterclass included the need to provide investors with sufficient information and to carefully consider the timing and structure of any fundraising efforts.

Start-ups: The Cornerstone of Africa’s Future Prosperity

Start-ups played a prominent role at Africa Tech Festival this year, with a dedicated zone three times the size of previous events. This reflects the growing recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit of Africans and their potential to solve many of the continent’s unique challenges.

“Africa’s future prosperity hinges on the entrepreneurial spirit of its people,” said Keshni Morar, founder and CEO of Investable. “We need to get you guys on a global stage for Africa.”

The organisers of Africa Tech Festival expect even more incredible innovation to be showcased in 2024. Details on the 2024 event and Delta Scan’s progress at the Start-Up World Cup will be released in the coming months.

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