Discover the Edifier MS50A: The Stylish Smart Speaker with Powerful Sound

Smart speakers have become ubiquitous, with offerings from major players such as Amazon Echo, Apple Home, and Google Nest. It’s always intriguing to see what other companies, particularly those with a focus on audio like Edifier, are bringing to this space.

Design & Build:

The Edifier MS50A is a beautifully designed speaker, featuring a walnut wood finish covering over 75% of its body. At the front, a removable mesh cover protects the speakers concealed beneath it.

On top of the speaker, you’ll find a touch-sensitive controller offering various options, including next/back buttons and a menu button for switching between Bluetooth and WiFi (indicated by a white or blue light, respectively). There’s also a play/pause button, and you can adjust the volume by touching and rotating the circular dotted dial. While these controls are straightforward and intuitive, most users will likely interact with the MS50A through their smartphones.

Underneath the speaker, you’ll discover a recessed power input and rubber feet that keep it stable on any surface. Weighing in at 2.3 kilograms, it’s not lightweight, but it feels sturdy and well-built, with no loose parts. In terms of size, it’s compact enough to fit on a bookshelf.


Inside the MS50A, there are two drivers: a 19mm silk diaphragm tweeter delivering 15W of treble and a 4-inch mid-bass driver providing 25W. This setup results in a frequency response of 52Hz to 18kHz. Edifier has also integrated a DSP chip into the MS50A, allowing you to enhance your audio signal parameters for an exceptional music experience.

As a smart speaker, it naturally supports WiFi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies and features Bluetooth V5.0. Unlike some other smart speakers, the MS50A doesn’t have a microphone, ensuring user privacy.

How to Connect:

Setting up the speaker involves downloading the Edifier Home app, readily available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Through this app, you can pair the speaker with your home WiFi network and make various customizations, such as changing the speaker’s name or accessing the user manual. Interestingly, you can also set up two MS50A speakers as a stereo pair for a more powerful sound experience.

Despite lacking a built-in microphone, the Edifier MS50A is compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to connect it with Alexa-enabled devices or Amazon Echo devices.

In a world with numerous mobile devices and audio streaming options, it’s noteworthy that the MS50A works seamlessly with Apple AirPlay, Tidal Connect, and Spotify Connect. Pairing with Spotify is effortless; once connected to WiFi, you’ll see the speaker as an option in your Spotify app under the device tab.

Thanks to its WiFi connectivity, you can create a multi-room system by placing pairs of MS50A speakers in different rooms. This ensures synchronized music playback throughout your home.


As previously discussed, the technical specifications of the MS50A’s hardware translate into impressive audio performance. The sound is rich and bass-heavy, courtesy of the 4-inch mid-bass woofer, while vocals and instrumentals are clear, thanks to the 19mm 15W tweeter. This audio quality spans various music genres, thanks to the wide frequency range.

Whether connected to a TV for movies or streaming music through Spotify Connect, the MS50A excels. Even at maximum volume, it maintains sound clarity without distortion in bass or treble. The 4-inch woofer delivers surprising bass depth that can rattle windows.


From its attractive design that can either blend in or stand out depending on your choice to remove the mesh cover, to its Bluetooth, WiFi, and touch button controls, the MS50A is an excellent addition to any gathering where people want the flexibility to play music from their phones.

With compatibility with Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay, and Amazon Alexa, the MS50A transitions from being merely a smart speaker to a versatile one. Its lack of a built-in microphone is a notable feature, providing users with the option to use it with Amazon’s Alexa or as a connected speaker.

The standout feature is undoubtedly the speaker’s exceptional audio quality, considering its size. It’s tempting to consider buying another Edifier MS50A to create a stereo setup, especially given its current sale price of only R1499.99 on the website (at the time of publication). This speaker is a no-brainer for audio enthusiasts.

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