HONOR’s New AI Features Tackle Eye Strain and Deepfakes

HONOR CEO George Zhao on stage at MWC Shanghai 2024 unveiling HONOR's new AI innovations

Chinese tech giant HONOR is taking aim at two growing digital-age concerns: deteriorating eyesight and the spread of manipulated media. At MWC Shanghai 2024, the company unveiled a pair of AI innovations designed to protect users’ eyes and wallets alike.

The smartphone maker showcased its AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection features during a keynote titled “The Human-AI Synergy: Intelligent Devices Will Empower People Better”. These on-device AI tools represent HONOR’s push towards technology that enhances user privacy while delivering personalised experiences.

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd., emphasised the unique position of on-device artificial intelligence in understanding user preferences. “At HONOR, we believe on-device AI has the potential to empower users and become more capable in everything they do,” Zhao stated, inviting industry players to explore this frontier together.

The AI Defocus Eye Protection feature is HONOR’s response to the global rise in nearsightedness due to prolonged screen time. This innovative technology simulates defocus glasses on the device’s display, potentially slowing down eye elongation – a key factor in myopia development. Early tests show promising results, with users experiencing an average decrease in transient myopia of 13 degrees after 25 minutes of reading, and some cases showing a remarkable 75-degree reduction.

On the security front, HONOR’s AI Deepfake Detection aims to combat the increasing threat of synthetic media. This on-device feature scrutinises videos frame-by-frame, analysing elements like eye contact, lighting, and image clarity to spot manipulations that might elude the human eye. Trained on a vast dataset of online scam-related content, the artificial intelligence can identify potential threats within three seconds, promptly warning users of any detected risks.

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