Huawei releases the P30 Lite New Edition

Huawei’s quietly unveiled another “new” Android powered phone, the P30 Lite New Edition.

If you’re struggling to find the difference between the New Edition and the original P30 Lite you’re not alone, this is basically an iPhone situation where the New Edition looks exactly like the previous edition, down to the same colour options.

The difference lies inside the new devices which sees the RAM bumped up to 6GB and the internal storage bumped up to a whopping 256GB, compared to the original’s 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Arguably the most important carry-over from the original is Android. Yes, the P30 Lite New Edition is powered by Android which is most likely why Huawei has introduced the device.

Android certifications are connected to model numbers of smartphones, which gives Huawei the ability to legally re-release devices with minor internal or cosmetic tweaks without violating the US government’s ban.

Re-releasing devices like this lets Huawei stay in the minds of Western consumers by introducing “new” Android powered phones while it tries to find a long-term solution to the US ban.

According to Android Authority the P30 Lite New Edition will be available in the United Kingdom from 15 January at a retail price of £299.

There’s been no confirmation from Huawei South Africa whether the P30 Lite New Edition will be coming to South Africa.

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