Range Rover Velar: Electrifying Performance and Unparalleled Capability

Range Rover Velar enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the enhanced electrified performance and superior breadth of capability that the latest offering brings to the table. In a move towards a greener future, the Range Rover Velar now boasts a P400e plug-in electric hybrid powertrain that not only enhances efficiency but also raises the bar for electric-only driving.

Enhanced Electricity and Reduced Emissions

The headline feature of the Range Rover Velar’s evolution is the P400e plug-in electric hybrid powertrain. This advanced system combines a 105kW electric motor with an Ingenium petrol engine to deliver both efficiency and performance. The result is an impressive electric-only range of up to 64km, certified by WLTP standards. This substantial improvement is achieved thanks to a larger 19.2kWh battery, a 12 percent increase from its predecessor, providing a boost to driving performance and consistency.

Beyond the impressive electric-only range, the Velar P400e showcases a commitment to reducing emissions. CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced, starting at just 38g/km on the WLTP cycle. In practical terms, this means that for the average daily commute or errands, the Range Rover Velar can operate with zero tailpipe emissions.

Effortless Comfort and Superior Dynamics

The Range Rover Velar has always been synonymous with refined comfort and superior handling, and the latest iteration continues this legacy. Advanced suspension and chassis technologies work in harmony to provide the customary Range Rover refinement, ride comfort, and precise handling. Whether navigating urban streets or exploring off-road terrain, the Velar maintains its composure and offers a confident driving experience.

Confidence-Inspiring All-Wheel Drive

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive is at the heart of the Velar’s exceptional composure. The system, bolstered by Intelligent Driveline Dynamics, Adaptive Dynamics, and Configurable Dynamics, ensures that the Velar delivers superior handling and performance on various terrains. Whether cruising on the highway or tackling challenging off-road conditions, the Velar adapts to provide an unmatched driving experience.

Driving Modes for Every Situation

The Velar P400e offers three distinct driving modes tailored to various scenarios:

  1. EV Mode: Prioritises electric power for silent, zero-tailpipe emissions journeys.
  2. HYBRID Mode: Intelligently blends electric and conventional driving based on road conditions and destination, optimising battery usage.
  3. SAVE Mode: Prioritises the combustion engine, maintaining the battery’s charge level for specific situations, such as entering urban low-emission zones.

Convenient Charging Options

Charging the Range Rover Velar P400e is a breeze, with multiple options to suit your needs. Whether you’re on the road or at home, the Velar P400e offers versatile charging capabilities. Notably, it can rapidly charge to 80 percent in just 30 minutes using a 50kW charger, making it one of the few plug-in electric hybrid vehicles with such capability. Home charging is equally convenient, with a 0-100 percent charge achievable in 2.5 hours using a 7kW AC charger. For added flexibility, three-pin charging is also supported when needed.

Petrol and Diesel Ingenium Engines

In addition to the P400e plug-in electric hybrid, the Range Rover Velar offers a range of smooth Ingenium petrol and diesel engines. These engines incorporate 48-volt Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology, ensuring superior efficiency and power delivery. Whether you opt for the petrol or diesel variants, you’ll experience responsive performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Advanced Suspension and Off-Road Capabilities

The Velar’s advanced chassis and suspension systems deliver trademark Range Rover ride comfort and refinement. Optional Electronic Air Suspension further enhances the driving experience by providing luxurious ride comfort and increased ground clearance, making it versatile for both urban and off-road adventures.

Innovative Technologies for All-Terrain Confidence

The Range Rover Velar boasts an array of advanced technologies to enhance all-terrain performance and driver confidence. Intelligent torque on-demand all-wheel drive, managed by Intelligent Driveline Dynamics, ensures optimal torque distribution in various driving conditions. Terrain Response 2 allows you to customise vehicle settings to match your surroundings, ensuring optimum traction and composure.

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