Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked: What to Expect

Samsung is gearing up to launch its latest foldables at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event taking place in Paris at 3PM SAST on 10 July. As is always the case these days, the element of surprise has been lost, as renowned leaker Evan Blass has revealed comprehensive spec sheets and marketing materials, offering a detailed preview of what’s to come.

At the forefront of Samsung’s lineup are the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. Both devices are expected to be lighter and thinner than their predecessors, with improved battery life. The Z Fold 6 will reportedly boast a significantly brighter 7.6-inch inner screen, capable of 2,600 nits, up from 1,750 nits in the Fold 5. It also features a slightly larger 6.3-inch outer screen and an improved Armour Aluminum frame.

The Z Flip 6, while retaining its 6.7-inch inner screen, is rumoured to be introducing a vapour chamber cooling system – a first for the Z Flip series. Samsung is also expected to upgrade the 12MP main camera found on predecessors to a 50MP main camera and increases RAM to 12GB. A standout feature is the expansion of Samsung’s language-translating Interpreter Mode to the cover screen, enhancing its practicality in real-world scenarios.

Both foldables now claim IP48 ingress protection, though it’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily indicate improved dust resistance. The “4” in IP48 refers to protection against solid objects 1mm in size or greater, rather than the comprehensive dust resistance many have been hoping for to prevent potential long-term hinge damage.

Galaxy AI, Samsung’s foray into artificial intelligence, is likely to take centre stage. While the company has already introduced features like on-device translations and AI-enhanced photo editing, this event could unveil more groundbreaking AI capabilities to set Samsung apart from its competitors.

The Galaxy Ring, teased earlier this year, may finally get its moment in the spotlight. This smart wearable is rumoured to cost around $300-$350 and could be accompanied by a new fitness and health subscription service, however, it’s not certain whether the device will be available in South Africa in 2024.

Samsung’s wearable ecosystem might expand further with the introduction of the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup. Whispers of a Galaxy Watch 7 ‘Ultra’ have surfaced, featuring a unique squircle case design and potentially a third button, reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro (which bear a striking resemblance to Apple’s AirPods) have already made their way into the hands of a consumer, despite not being officially announced. A Reddit user managed to purchase the earbuds for $250 at a US retailer, revealing a new stemmed design and a transparent case lid. The user reported superior active noise cancellation compared to first-generation Apple AirPods Pro but noted that multi-point connectivity was exclusive to Galaxy phones. Previous leaks suggest the earbuds will offer six hours of playtime with ANC enabled and seven hours without.

Unless Samsung has a “one more thing” moment at Unpacked, it appears that all that remains to be shared is pricing and local availability.

Watch Samsung’s July Unpacked event here:

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