Sennheiser Momentum Sport: Fitness earbuds that truly deliver

The world of fitness wearables has just gotten a lot more interesting with the arrival of the Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds. Priced at a premium R6999.00 excl. VAT, these true wireless earbuds offer a unique selling point: biometric tracking capabilities that measure your heart rate and body temperature right from your ears.

Sennheiser has packed a lot of tech into these fitness-focused buds. At their core, they feature 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver powerful, bass-heavy audio – perfect for keeping you motivated during intense workouts. But what sets them apart is the built-in photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor that accurately tracks your heart rate, and a separate sensor that monitors your body temperature.

“Exercise and personal audio have been joined at the hip for as long as we can remember” notes Spiros Andreou, Business Product Manager from Polar, “The addition of biosensors and data output from a true wireless earbud with world-class acoustics is a natural progression that millions of athletes will find appealing to their fitness regimen. We’re proud to say our world-class and science-backed POLAR Flow ecosystem will support MOMENTUM Sport from day one.”

The idea of having these biometric tracking capabilities built into earbuds is genius. Gone are the days of fiddly chest straps or smartwatches that struggle to stay in place during high-intensity exercises. With the Momentum Sport, you can ditch the extra wearables and rely on the snug, secure fit of the earbuds to provide you with real-time fitness data. In testing, the heart rate readings were found to be remarkably accurate, deviating by only a few beats per minute from dedicated chest straps.

And the best part? The biometric tracking is seamlessly integrated with popular fitness apps like Polar Flow, allowing you to access detailed training analytics, voice guidance, and coaching right from your earbuds. You can even pair them with your existing smartwatch or fitness tracker, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred platform for monitoring your progress.

“We have worked for over three years to develop the ultimate sports earbuds, MOMENTUM Sport elevates earbuds from a basic exercise accessory to the heartbeat of your workout—quite literally,” says David Holm, Sennheiser Sports Product Manager, “Now, athletes and sports enthusiasts can tap into cutting-edge fitness tech and superb sound in one device.”

But these earbuds aren’t just about fitness tracking. They also boast impressive noise-cancelling capabilities, with three modes (Anti Wind, ANC, and Transparency) that adapt to your surroundings. The ANC mode is particularly effective at reducing low-frequency rumbles, while the Transparency mode amplifies external sounds, making it easier to stay aware of your surroundings during outdoor workouts.

Durability is also a strong suit, with an IPX5 rating for the earbuds and IPX4 for the charging case, ensuring they can withstand water splashes and sweat without missing a beat. And while the large earbud size might be an issue for those with smaller ears, Sennheiser has included a variety of ear tips and wing sizes to help you find the perfect fit.

The companion app, Sennheiser Smart Control, is a true powerhouse, offering a wealth of customisation options. You can adjust the equaliser settings, create custom sound zones that automatically switch audio profiles based on your location, and even tweak the touch control sensitivity to your preference.

Battery life is respectable, with the earbuds offering around 6 hours of playback on a single charge, and the charging case providing an additional 18.5 hours of juice. Fast charging is also supported, with a 10-minute top-up providing enough power for a 45-minute workout.

Of course, all this technology comes at a cost, and the Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds are undoubtedly a premium investment. But for fitness enthusiasts who value accurate biometric tracking and exceptional audio quality, these earbuds could well be worth the splurge. Compared to purchasing a separate fitness tracker and premium wireless earbuds, the Momentum Sport offers a compelling all-in-one solution.

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