Collage of product images of the Sony Mocopi

Sony Unleashes Cutting-Edge AI Technologies

Sony is leveraging its AI capabilities in the MEA (Middle East & Africa) region through innovative products and services across several key product segments. These investments in cutting-edge technologies are designed to meet the growing demand for personalisation and increased digitalisation in online gaming and OTT in the region, as well as deliver an optimised experience for content creators.

One of Sony’s most notable technologies in 2023 is the Cognitive Processor XR, which allows BRAVIA TVs to analyse content and recreate it the same way humans see and hear in the real world. Sony’s Real-time Eye Auto-Focus (AF) also makes it possible to shoot like a professional photographer, with perfect focus on the eye in a split-second.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Alpha 7RV mirrorless camera features a state-of-the-art AI focusing system that can accurately detect not only human faces, but also birds, animals, insects, and even vehicles. This new AI processing unit enables new breakthroughs in subject recognition for both still photography and video shooting.

Other notable AI advancements include DSEE Extreme, which incorporates Sony’s unique sensing technology to transform sound quality. Furthermore, Sony is also investing in the metaverse in areas such as games, music, and sports. Sony has unveiled its latest invention for the metaverse, a wearable motion-tracking system called Mocopi. The new system, like motion capture suits, comprises of six colorful sensors that are placed on various points of the body to capture human movements in real time and link them to an avatar.

Joebin Joejoe, Deputy Managing Director at Sony Middle East and Africa, says: “Artificial intelligence is set to be the most significant technology in 2023, with key advancements in adaptive AI and generative AI. Sony is already leveraging this technology to connect with users in the region through innovative products and services that help them expand their creativity and truly enjoy entertainment. As an innovative technology brand, we plan to continue our growth strategy in 2023, and we are excited for even more consumers in the region to discover our advanced portfolio of products this year.”

In conclusion, Sony is investing in cutting-edge AI technologies to meet the growing demand for personalization and increased digitalisation in the Middle East and Africa region. They are introducing new AI-powered products and services across several key segments, including televisions, digital imaging, and audio products. With the Cognitive Processor XR, Real-time Eye Auto-Focus, and Alpha 7RV mirrorless camera, Sony is enabling users to capture and experience content in the way that humans see and hear in the real world. Additionally, Sony’s investment in the metaverse is also promising as they unveil their latest invention, the Mocopi motion-tracking system. With these advancements, Sony is positioning itself as a leader in the field of AI technology in the region.

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