WhatsApp Linked Devices Feature Now Lets You Link Android Phones

WhatsApp has quietly rolled out a new feature to its Android users, allowing them to link multiple devices to their WhatsApp account. Initially launched as a Multi-Device Beta in November 2021, the feature has seen various upgrades, including the ability to link an Android tablet. In the latest version of the app, version (Android), users can now also link an Android phone when installing the popular messaging app on a new phone.

The process of linking WhatsApp on a new or secondary Android phone is simple. First, download and install WhatsApp onto the new device, select your usage language, and accept the terms and conditions. When prompted to enter your phone number, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the app and select “Link a device.”

Next, open WhatsApp on your primary device and select the “Linked devices” option, then select the “Link a Device” option. When the camera appears, scan the QR code that appears on the display of the device you’ve just downloaded WhatsApp on. A “Loading your chats” notification will appear on the phone you’re linking, and once the process is complete, all your messages will appear on the new device.

With this feature, users can easily switch between their primary and secondary devices, sending and receiving messages seamlessly. The feature appears to have rolled out to users without an official announcement from the brand, but it’s clear that WhatsApp is intent on improving the user experience on multiple devices.

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