Cisco to Acquire Splunk, Aiming to Forge a Secure and Resilient Future

Cisco is set to acquire Splunk for approximately $28 billion in equity value, with each share valued at $157 in cash. This acquisition marks a notable step in bolstering digital resilience and securely connecting interconnected systems.

The collaboration of Cisco and Splunk aims to strengthen cybersecurity and observability. Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s Chairman and CEO, noted, “Our combined capabilities will advance AI-enabled security and observability, helping organisations of all sizes.”

Gary Steele, President, and CEO of Splunk, echoed this sentiment, stating that the merger would accelerate their mission to enhance organisational resilience.

In today’s data-centric world, organisations face increasing complexity due to factors like generative AI, expanding threat surfaces, and the prevalence of multiple cloud environments. Cisco and Splunk intend to address these challenges by leveraging their complementary expertise in AI, security, and observability. Splunk’s security capabilities will complement Cisco’s existing portfolio, providing comprehensive security analytics.

Additionally, this partnership positions Cisco and Splunk to deliver observability across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, facilitating seamless application experiences for customers. Their substantial scale and foundation of trust will enable responsible AI utilisation.

This acquisition will result in increased investments in innovative solutions and global reach to cater to organisations of all sizes. Both companies share similar values, strong cultures, and talented teams, reinforcing their commitment to purpose-driven innovation.

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