iSchoolAfrica and iStore to bring iPads to 10,000 South African matriculants with the #MyFuture catch up programme

iSchoolAfrica, an education trust which brings the world’s best technology to under resourced schools in South Africa, announced a partnership with iStore which aims to bring iPads to 10 000 South African matriculants through the #MyFuture programme, through various donation drives and a consortium of partners. 

“School closures have necessitated a move to e-learning. In theory, this could be an important step towards a more equitable education system. But the reality is very different. Most South African learners lack access to devices, data and quality educational resources,” says Michelle Lissoos, Director of iSchoolAfrica Education Trust.

It is with this in mind that iSchoolAfrica in partnership with iStore, are driving the #MyFuture campaign. Refurbished iPads, from an iStore trade-in drive with customers and donations from partners, will be deployed to support the learners who have fallen behind. iStore have not only committed to the donation of 1 million Rands worth of refurbished iPads to the programme, but have also enhanced the value of the trade-in for customers. This means that customers will have the benefit of a higher value when trading-in their pre-loved iPads and know that their iPad is going towards helping matric learners secure their futures. 

“We want to change the lives for as many learners as possible and if we want our matrics to do their best, they must have the best. This includes access to the best tools for remote learning and programmes which are able to support matric catch up. We have partnered with iSchoolAfrica again, as they have a legacy of empowering our youth to succeed since 2009 and their programmes ensure that technology like iPads is accompanied with educational best practice and support for teachers and learners,” says Chris Dodd, CEO iStore.
#MyFutureprogramme learners will also have access to a digital learning kit which includes the following:

  • Refurbished iPads to support learners with digital learning 
  • Access to high quality curriculum relevant Grade 12 content 
  • Live study sessions with teachers 
  • Live study sessions with fellow matric learners 
  • Sufficient data to connect to the programme

iSchoolAfrica and iStore also invite other corporate partners to get involved so they can reach their target of helping as many learners as possible.

How South Africans and corporate partners can get involved with the #MyFuture programme

iStore, will collect used iPads and refurbish these for the #My Future programme through a trade-in drive with customers. Customers can trade-in their pre-loved iPad at enhanced trade-in values, thus substantially reducing the price of their new Apple iPad, Mac or iPhone purchase. 

For more information on trade-in visit:

Donate to the crowdfunding drive – Anyone can donate to the iSchoolAfrica crowdfunding initiative via where contributions will go towards iPad digital learning toolkits for matriculants across South Africa.

Become a corporate sponsor 

A consortium of partners including corporate sponsors can assist iSchoolAfrica in ensuring maximum learners have access to the #MyFuture programme, through sponsoring iPad digital learning toolkits.“Our goal with the iSchoolAfrica #MyFuture programme is to assist 10,000 matrics that have fallen behind due to COVID-19 with an iPad catch up programme. We are reliant on individual and corporate support to reach this goal and invite you to join our intervention and help secure their futures. We understand the need on all of us is huge at this time, but the consequence of us not addressing this education crisis, will extend way beyond the immediate effects of the pandemic,” concludes Michelle Lissoos.

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