Skyworth’s new TVs have Android 10 and have gaming level specs

Global television brand, Skyworth, recently launched the SXC9800, a premium TV that they say has “gaming-level specifications.”

Besides the showcase of the SXC9800 and other new models, the SUC9300 and SUC9300 Pro, the brand also announced that Android 10 would be available on their TVs. This update brings with it a host of features including Far Field voice recognition, access to more content in the Google Play Store, improved hardware and speed, larger memory, AIoT, Cast Play and Two Way Bluetooth Transmission.

Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of Skyworth TV has stated that at the company’s core is their mission to add value to their customers. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the market, Skyworth has been at the forefront of developing next-generation technologies and services. “We are dedicated to standing by our motto and continuously strive to enhance and improve the lives of our customers through our latest value-adding product offering.”

The SXC9800 performs video frame interpolation on a 120Hz 4K OLED screen, delivering an ultra-smooth and stutter-free visual experience, replicating a refresh rate similar to 240Hz. With built-in Wi-Fi 5 hardware, users can seamlessly access the 120HZ 4K online videos. The TV also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) all the way from the port to the SoC, and to the screen, automatically adapting the screen refresh rate to the inputted frame rate in real time. This guarantees an optimal frame rate for a range of different gaming scenarios, eliminating image stuttering and freezing for a smooth gaming experience.

Using advanced AI technologies such as facial recognition and scene detection, the 4K AI Image Processing Engine sharpens, brightens, and improves picture quality in real time. Featuring the 3D LUT Original Film Colours function that shapes and fine-tunes colour, saturation and brightness using a professional level colour calibration technique. Coupled with the 20-Point White Balance setting, the SXC9800 achieves △E 0.98, an expert level of colour accuracy, bringing all the visuals on your screen to life in true-to-life colour.

The SXC9800 is also Skyworth’s first TV to adopt home-grown OLED basic modules and as the pioneer of AIoT, Skyworth has packed the SXC9800 with a range of features that enhance connectivity, further extending the application of big-screen AIoT and far-field cross-screen interactions.

Speaking at the launch event, Skyworth brand manager Jaco Joubert said that the brand continuously innovates and expands its product offering. “Skyworth TVs can now be connected to over 20 billion smart home devices, covering over 60 device categories.”

The SUC9300’s key features include Infinity Screen, 4K UHD, Android TV, Google Assistant, Google Play Store, HDR 10+ and DTS Studio Sound and the SUC9300 Pro includes Infinity Screen, 4K UHD, Android TV, Chameleon Extreme, Google Assistant, Far-Field, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The SXC9800 and SUC9300 Pro will be available in market from January 2021 and will come in two different sizes, 55” and 65”, whilst the SUC9300 is currently available and comes in three different sizes, 50”, 55” and 65.”