The Ultimate Viewing Experience – The 65-inch LG QNED 806 TV reviewed

These days, choosing a TV is hard because of the sheer number of options available. Whether you’re looking for an affordable TV or one packed with bleeding edge specs and and the largest, most outstanding display, you’re bound to find something to meet your needs. Unsurprisingly, LG offers some of the best options across almost all categories.

A perfect example of this is the 2022 LG 65-inch QNED 806 TV which I recently spent some time with. It offers everything you can ask for from a Smart TV these days, including stunning image quality and incredibly smooth performance.

Having received this review unit in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there wasn’t a better opportunity to spend a few weeks with it.

The Panel:

The LG QNED 806 TV has a QNED panel, one of the few TVs in SA with this Mini LED display technology. LG has uses the QNED moniker for its Quantum dot-equipped (Q), NanoCell (N) and emitting diode (ED) TVs.

With this panel you’re treated to 4K image quality that is beautiful, clear and adapts seamlessly to anything you’re watching, unlike other LCD-based 4K displays. Other benefits include Dimming Pro backlighting to provide localised dimming and HDR10 Pro (thanks to its α7 Gen5 AI Processor), as well as AI Picture Pro which provides AI-powered 4K upscaling for non-4K content as well as AI Tone Mapping for clarity.

What you get from this panel is a well-lit screen that provides rich, accurate colours as well as great viewing angles.

The Setup:

Turning on the LG QNED 806 TV, you’re met with an easy, intuitive setup path. The TV comes with an LG Magic Remote which has a scroller wheel and provides you with a responsive pointer and onscreen cursor with pinpoint accuracy. While the remote comes with a ‘Hey Google’ voice activation button, it doesn’t work in this market (a Google issue, not an LG one).

Once on the home screen you’re provided with a plethora of streaming apps and setting them up is the usual process of entering in your login detail. You’ll also be alerted to any necessary updates for both the OS and the apps.

The Smart Stuff:

The LG QNED 806 TV comes with ThinQ AI and the latest version of LG’s webOS 22 operating system. These combine to make the setup and Home screen intuitive.

On the Home screen you will find well-known apps like Netflix and Disney, as well as apps for other markets. A few great benefits include being able to use Apple AirPlay and connect with Apple HomeKit. For Android users, you’re able to cast applicable content from your phone by connecting directly to the TV, the same way you’d connect to a Chromecast.

For the parents out there, the LG QNED 806 TV comes with the ability to create LG account users for the TV, in the same way you’d create profiles on Netflix. This allows you to tailor content that’s applicable to a specific user.


Not all TV’s are equal, especially when it comes to the panel. While some may cost less, they won’t necessarily offer a viewing and audio experience quite as good as the LG QNED 806. At its current price range the LG QNED 806 TV has everything you could ask for, from Bluetooth connectivity, a plethora of I/O (in and out, i.e. ports) to an immersive, fluid experience and apps galore.

Equipping this TV with an AI engine to detect which picture quality to provide based on the content, feels like having a TV expert living with you.

Watching the most beautiful game on this TV was a worthy substitution for being in Qatar. With a two-channel downward-firing speaker systems providing a total of 20 watts and powered by AI Sound Pro, I almost felt like I was in the crowd at the stadium.

I’ll sum up my thoughts of this TV the very same way my son reacted when he saw the LG QNED 806 TV, by simply saying “whoa”.

Buy the LG QNED 806 here:

The Ultimate Viewing Experience – The 65-inch LG QNED 806 TV reviewed
Premium Features At A (Slightly) More Affordable Cost

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