Volkswagen Unveils New ID. 2all Concept, an Affordable and Stylish Electric Car

Volkswagen has announced the world premiere of its new ID. 2all concept, a fully electric car that is expected to cost less than 25,000 euros. The vehicle was developed based on the latest version of the company’s modular electric drive (MEB) platform, which will allow Volkswagen to set new standards in terms of technology and everyday usability with the MEB Entry platform. The ID. 2all will also be the first MEB vehicle with front-wheel drive, further demonstrating Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in electric vehicle technology.

The ID. 2all is equipped with efficient drive, battery, and charging technology, and features a powerful electric motor with an output of 166 kW / 226 PS. According to Volkswagen, the vehicle will have a calculated WLTP range of up to 450 kilometers, making it a viable option for drivers who want to switch to electric vehicles. Additionally, the car’s design reflects Volkswagen’s focus on creating electric vehicles that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Andreas Mindt, Head of Design at Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said: “The ID. 2all gives a preview of the new design language of Volkswagen, which is based on the three pillars of stability, likeability and excitement.” The car’s exterior design features a friendly face, dynamic lines, and a new C-pillar signature that was developed for the first Golf. The ID. 2all is the first Volkswagen with this new interpretation of the C-pillar design.

The vehicle’s interior is equally impressive, with a spacious and high-quality appearance that is complemented by a self-explanatory infotainment system with classic volume control and a separate air conditioning block. The storage volume of the ID. 2all is a generous 490 to 1,330 liters, exceeding the value of many higher vehicle classes.

The ID. 2all is one of ten new electric models that Volkswagen plans to launch by 2026 as part of its accelerated electric offensive. This year alone, Volkswagen is introducing the new ID.32, the ID. Buzz with long wheelbase, and the ID.7 saloon. The company also plans to introduce a compact electric SUV in 2026, and it is working on an electric car that will cost less than 20,000 euros.

Volkswagen is committed to achieving an electric car share of 80% in Europe, and the company is confident that it will achieve this goal. The company is positioning itself to have the widest range of electric vehicles compared to its competitors, and it is committed to producing electric cars that are accessible to everyone. The ID. 2all is a testament to Volkswagen’s commitment to creating electric vehicles that are not only affordable but also innovative, stylish, and functional.

In addition to the launch of the ID. 2all, Volkswagen has also announced that it has developed a new design strategy that will ensure the brand’s DNA remains clearly recognisable in the future. Andreas Mindt, who recently joined Volkswagen as the new Head of Design, developed the new strategy, which focuses on three main pillars: stability, likeability, and excitement.

According to Mindt, the most important value for Volkswagen design is stability, which includes value stability, form stability, reliability, and recognisability. The second core element of the brand is likeability, which is exemplified by iconic Volkswagen vehicles such as the Beetle, Volkswagen bus, new Beetle, and ID. Buzz. Mindt believes that Volkswagen must achieve both stability and likeability in every respect. Finally, Mindt wants to create excitement in Volkswagen’s customers by adding dynamics, improving operability, and using the classic “form follows function” principle of design.

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