Woolworths App now available on the Huawei App Gallery

Can anyone remember a time before online shopping existed? What would we do without the convenience of shopping on our smartphones from our couch/bed/dining room table, not to mention the smorgasbord of choice we get scrolling through online options?

Shopping for food online has become even more important over the past few weeks, as lockdown has kicked in and we’ve wanted to stay away from brick and mortar stores to reduce the risk of infection. Not surprisingly, food retailers that have online offerings have experienced a sharp increase in sales, with Woolworths showing a 27% increase over this time. Woolworths was actually one of the first online retailers to implement ‘no contact’ delivery, which ensures the safety of both drivers and customers. The Woolworths shopping app, which is available on HUAWEI AppGallery, is also easy and intuitive to use, so placing an order is a breeze.

Aside from the safety and convenience, online food shopping is also a good way to keep your spending in check, which is vital in these uncertain economic times. You won’t have to avoid the chocolate aisle, or do your best to race past the fresh pies and cakes, to avoid spending money on those foods that you don’t need and aren’t good for your wallet or your health.

Another great advantage of shopping via app is the wide choice available. Shopping at your local store can often be disappointing when your favourite brand of coffee is out of stock, or worse still, no longer being stocked. Different brands and varieties of food items are plentiful on the Woolies app, so you can get exactly what you need, and not have to settle for second best.

Download the Woolworths app on HUAWEI AppGallery between 19 and 21 April and you could win one of 500 Woolworths vouchers.

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