10 of the most exciting announcements from the AWS re:Invent summit

Amazon Web Services (AWS) controls a majority of global cloud services with nearly 50% marketshare, a significant lead compared to its closest competitor Microsoft who controls only 15.5% according to a report by Gartner.

At its annual re:Invent summit in Las Vegas, the company unveiled its aspirations and gave the 65 000 attendees a glimpse at the future of cloud computing when it announced 30 new services and features.

Here are 10 standouts that could have the most immediate impact on 5G, cloud, machine learning, and AI.

AWS Outposts are fully managed and configurable racks of AWS-designed hardware that let customers run their workloads on premises and seamlessly connect with the broad array of AWS services in the cloud using the same operating model and infrastructure they currently use–providing for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

AWS Local Zones is a new type of AWS infrastructure deployment that places AWS compute, storage, database and other select services closer to large population, industry, and IT centers. With the opening of a Local Zone in Las Vegas, LA-based customers can now run workloads in AWS that require single-digit millisecond latencies to end-users.

AWS Wavelength enables developers to build applications that deliver single-digit millisecond latencies to mobile devices and users by deploying AWS compute and storage at the edge of the 5G network. AWS is collaborating with Verizon, Vodafone, KDDI, and SK Telecom to make 5G applications with single-digit millisecond latencies possible for wireless customers in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

AWS Contact Lens adds a set of capabilities for Amazon Connect enabled by machine learning that gives contact centers the ability to understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to improve customer experience and identify crucial customer feedback.

Amazon SageMaker Studio is the first fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for machine learning, delivering greater automation, integration, debugging, and monitoring for the development and deployment of machine learning models.

Amazon Kendra reinvents enterprise search by using natural language processing and other machine learning techniques to unite multiple data silos inside an enterprise and consistently provide high quality results to common queries instead of a random list of links in response to keyword queries.

Amazon CodeGuru helps software developers automate code reviews and identify an application’s most expensive lines of code.

Amazon Fraud Detector helps businesses identify online identity and payment fraud in real-time, based on the same technology developed for Amazon.com.

Amazon Transcribe Medical offers healthcare providers highly accurate, real-time speech-to-text transcription, so they can focus on patient care.

Amazon Detective is a new security service that makes it easy for customers to conduct faster and more efficient investigations into security issues across their workloads.

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