Need to troubleshoot your car? Ask Ford

Ford’s customer-centric Ask Ford self-service tool continues to evolve following its launch in South Africa during the middle of 2020 and now assists approximately 2 500 customers a month.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Ask Ford makes it possible for customers to ask questions anytime and receive immediate answers that are retrieved directly from Ford systems, owner’s manuals, or Ford websites. This intuitive global online knowledge base tool for customers uses the repository’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to search for the best responses, far beyond the reaches of standard search engines.

As an integral part of Ford’s ground-breaking technology is a new update to the Ask Ford tool which now includes the integration of Ford Pass – a new connected app that enables certain vehicle functions to be performed from the owner’s smartphone. Rangers and Everests produced after February 2021 are prepared with the entire Ford Pass functionality, while Rangers and Everests produced after 2017 have reduced connected support, such as vehicle status alerts.

The Ford Pass app, available as a free download on IOS and Android devices, now also works in conjunction with Ask Ford, using the app’s built-in search function to troubleshoot general vehicle information with just a few clicks. Alternatively, Ask Ford, is easily located by using the magnifying class icon on the website.

“In the past customers had to call or email Ford if they had a question but thanks to Ask Ford, they can now self-serve (general questions) at their own leisure,” says Murwan Mahdi, Regional Ask Ford Lead. “Several benefits of Ask Ford is its accuracy and relevancy of information that is easy to follow and the peace of mind that it brings to customers,” he concludes.

Besides its benefits to current or prospective Ford customers, Ask Ford also has specific channels designed to support Ford dealers and FMCSA’s national Customer Relationship Centre (CRC) staff, thereby assisting them in obtaining the most up-to-date and precise information related to specific customer queries.

Ask Ford relies on three main tools that assist in finding the information customers are looking for. Firstly, Ford’s comprehensive knowledge repository is searched for the most accurate response. Should the question not be answered from the knowledge repository it will obtain information from the owner’s manual and finally, the system will use the web crawler function through all official Ford sites.

“Customers are at the very centre of everything we do at Ford”, says Neale Hill, MD of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa. “The integration of Ford Pass with the Ask Ford system clearly demonstrates how we’re constantly able to find new ways to meet these evolving needs more accurately and in a shorter timeframe. We continue to build on these platforms to deliver a complete, easy-to-use and intuitive end-to-end interface for our customers.”

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