ASUS ROG Core – value for money has never been this good

Gaming peripherals are a dime a dozen but when buying new peripherals you’re usually having to choose which compromises you’re ok with; either you get a great design but not a great performance, or great performance but average design, or, if you’re fortunate enough, you can get both but then it costs you a fortune. 

Thankfully with the new ASUS ROG Cetra II Core and ASUS ROG Strix Go Core, you don’t have to make those compromises (or part ways with a month’s rent to buy either).

Ultimately these are both respectable entry-level peripherals but my personal favourite is the Cetra II Core. While I enjoyed the Strix Go Core, it was the in-ear buds that truly blew me away with their wide soundstage, compatibility, and lightweight design.

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