Nespresso brings Vertuo system to South Africa


Following the success of Vertuo in numerous countries across North America, Europe and Asia, the Vertuo Next range is now available in South Africa, where many consumers prefer a large coffee, often starting their day with one that is more than 200ml.

Francisco Nogueira, Business Executive Officer for Nespresso Middle East & Africa explained, “By introducing Vertuo in South Africa, we are expanding at home coffee options for South African coffee lovers and delivering a range of large coffees without compromising the taste or extraordinary quality expected from each cup of Nespresso. Coffee lovers will be able to discover new sizes, whether that is a 230ml Signature coffee mug of their favourite coffee or the Carafe (535ml) for an even bigger Nespresso taste sharing experience.” 

The Vertuo system introduces Centrifusion technology and a new range of coffee capsule sizes that together allow for different coffee styles. At the touch of a button, the intelligent system reads and recognises the unique barcode on each capsule, adjusting the flow and volume of water, temperature, infusion time and capsule rotation to extract a high quality dark, full-bodied coffee, finished with a silky and generous crema. Nespresso South Africa currently has 3 models in the Vertuo Next range, with Nespresso Vertuo Next, Vertuo Next Premium and, Vertuo Next Deluxe in sleek and modern colours. All of the machines have a simple one-touch button and feature Centrifusion technology. 

The new Vertuo Next range of machines is able to create coffees in 5 serving sizes: 

  • Carafe Pour-Over Style (535ml) 
  • Signature Coffee Mug (230ml) 
  • Gran Lungo (150ml) 
  • Double Espresso (80ml) 
  • Espresso (40ml)

With coffee lovers able to enjoy over 30 exceptional permanent coffees and seasonal limited editions

• 1 blend in Carafe Pour-Over Style

• 13 blends or single origins for Mug size 

• 6 single-origin blends for Gran Lungo size 

• 3 blends for Double Espresso size

• 7 blends for Espresso size 

The different-sized capsules tailor to the range of coffee cup sizes, each carefully blended and roasted to deliver a quality coffee experience. Whether you are in the mood to impress your friends over brunch or if you’re looking to indulge in your favourite latte, Vertuo offers versatility for every taste and moment.

The innovative new Vertuo Next machine range and the new coffees offer a variety of new features, all designed to enrich the experience:

• New Centrifusion extraction (rotational extraction) system to gently and precisely brew coffee. The rotation reaches up to 4000 rotations per minute to fully extract the coffee.

• Barcode reading technology which adjusts the brewing parameters such as the cup size, temperature, rotational speed, flow rate and time the water is in contact with the coffee to allow for precise extraction.

• Simple and convenient one-button operation

• Vertuo Next features an automatic opening and closing of the machine head.

• 30 second pre-heating time, with the signature mug size (230ml) extracted in under 70 seconds.

• Adjustable cup platform for Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Signature Coffee Mug, Carafe Pour-Over style, Recipe Glasses as well as the Travel Mug.

• Automatic off mode after 2 minutes of non-use

Nespresso also offers a wide range of sleek and stylish Vertuo coffee accessories. Each collection combines the senses of taste, smell and sight to elevate the Nespresso Vertuo coffee moments. 

The Nespresso travel mugs and capsule dispensers are also stylish and practical additions to any Vertuo lover’s collection. From glass coffee cups for hot and cold coffee recipes to spoons for stirring up the fresh aromas, there are Vertuo accessories to suit every moment. 

Milk coffee drinkers are also invited to experience a new way of enjoying coffee with milk, with the Nespresso Vertuo Reverso. Simply pour a dash of milk first, extract the coffee on top and stir to ensure a smooth and luxurious coffee with a signature Vertuo crema.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything Nespresso does and drives a commitment to make a positive difference for people and the planet. In line with this approach, all Nespresso coffee capsules, including the Vertuo range, are made from aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material, which best protects the freshness, quality and taste of the coffees. Nespresso has invested in its recycling programs and is committed to making it as simple and convenient as possible for consumers to recycle their used capsules. As well as this, all Nespresso systems are equipped with an energy-saving mode, or an automatic power-off function to minimise energy use. 

Vertuo Next machines are made from over 50% recycled plastics and come with a fully recyclable pack made from 99.5% recycled material: recycled paper, moulded paper and paper foil to protect the machine from scratches. This innovative packaging will be rolled out to all Nespresso machines by the end of 2021.

The new Nespresso Vertuo Next is available in 3 models, Vertuo Next, Vertuo Next Premium and Vertuo Next Deluxe.

Vertuo Next comes in three colours: Light Grey, Cherry Red and Matt Black. While Vertuo Next Premium is available in Classic Black and Vertuo Next Deluxe is available in Dark Chrome.

Vertuo Next systems start from R 3,499.00

For more information on each of the machines go to

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