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The most common passwords of 2022 are…

NordPass has released its list of the 200 most commonly used passwords in 2022 and to put it simply, it’s both disappointing and unsurprising. Despite growing cybersecurity awareness, it appears that old habits die hard as the research shows that people still use weak passwords to protect their accounts.

The top 10 passwords are:

RankPasswordTime to crack it
1password< 1 Second
2123456< 1 Second
3123456789< 1 Second
4guest< 1 Second
5qwerty11 Seconds
612345678< 1 Second
7111111< 1 Second
812345< 1 Second
9col123456< 1 Second
10123123< 1 Second

Here’s how the top 10 passwords of 2022 compare to the top 10 passwords of the past 3 years:

For the full list, head over to NordPass. If you see your password on the list, the site provides the option of generating a secure password that can be stored in NordPass.

Many of the leading big tech companies, including Apple and Google, are making a concerted effort to get you to make the jump to passkeys. A new type of login credential, passkeys remove the need for a password by utilising biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition), a PIN or a swipe pattern (typically found on Android devices).

To get a better understanding of why protecting your data and digital identity is so important, listen to my conversation with  Conrad Steyn, CTO and Head of Engineering for Cisco Sub Saharan Africa:

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