Oppo A72 laying on it's side as well as another Oppo A2 face up

Unpacking OPPO battery technology

One of the main concerns that everyone has when buying a new phone, is battery life. How long will it last and how long will it take to charge?

The OPPO A72 addresses this with its VOOC fast charging technology which lets you charge your phone to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.The company says that this is a great way to show your battery some love and keep it lasting for years because your phone battery gets stressed when it’s left too full for too long, when it’s too hot and if you run it dead all the time.

A big battery like the 5000mAh one that OPPO put inside the A72 is enough capacity to see even the most demanding user through a hectic day, some load shedding, and into the night. OPPO’s intelligent battery management system is also constantly working in the background to make sure your most-used apps are ready when you need them, but that the occasionally used apps are put to sleep so that it doesn’t drain unnecessary power in the background. When you’re asleep, so is your phone and you wake up with enough juice to get you through your morning, or need just a quick top-up to power you up for the rest of the day.

Because ColorOS is developed with Google, all the Android features you know and love are here with some extra OPPO enhancements sprinkled on top. That beautiful screen is one of the biggest battery users, that’s why the adaptive brightness algorithm is specially tuned to keep your content visible when you need it and reduce power draw when you don’t. 

OPPO cares so much for the longevity of its devices that it invented fast and safe charging methods to prolong the life of the battery so that users can enjoy their phones without the stress of time taking its toll.

This combination of cooler, faster charging, AI-enhanced intelligent power management and lack of bloatware all add up to a phone that will feel faster for longer because there are fewer slowdowns or restarts from an overtaxed battery. OPPO is committed to making technology more familiar and accessible to more people and that includes making beautiful handsets that can be passed on.

The OPPO A72 comes with free W11 Earbuds and OPPO Rewards. Priced at R6999.00 or R399pm x 24  on postpaid from Vodashop, Chatz, Vodaworld, Vodacom4UCellucity and Hi-Online.