iStore, and CAP, launch a new panic button called ReactPlus

iStore has partnered with CAP to launch ReactPlus, a panic button app that has features to help protect you in a variety of potentially dangerous situations and request help at the tap of a button, no matter where you are in South Africa. 

After signing up, you’ll be able to jog, cycle, train or drive anywhere, confident that if anything bad should happen they are covered with 24/7, country-wide, armed response.

Built for both iPhone and Apple Watch, ReactPlus lets you activate an alert even when your iPhone is not within reach. With Apple Watch Cellular, ReactPlus works independently of iPhone, even if you leave your iPhone at home. Should your iPhone get taken, you can still activate an alert on your Apple Watch Cellular and get immediate help from the closest armed response.

iStore will be offering all customer who purchase an Apple Watch Cellular from iStore the first six months of ReactPlus for free, and thereafter a subscription fee of R39 per month applies

“We believe that technology plays an important role in improving lives and iPhone and Apple Watch are ideal tools for monitoring safety. We have created ReactPlus to give iPhone and Apple Watch users added features locally for personal safety in dangerous situations and in some circumstances, to prevent them from happening in the first place,” says Chris Dodd, iStore CEO.

Personal safety features of ReactPlus:

Help Me – Once activated the ReactPlus app broadcasts the user’s location to all the nearest responding security partners as well as our 24-hour Command Centre that tracks you in real-time and assists the responder by providing them with all the required information. Armed responders will then be dispatched and navigated to the location of the iPhone or Apple Watch Cellular that has activated the panic.

Meet – This unique feature allows users to use ReactPlus when they are meeting a stranger at any location outside their home. By triggering “Meet” ReactPlus will immediately prompt the user to enter the meeting address. A safe meeting window will then be assigned. Once the scheduled meeting is completed, ReactPlus will check-in with the user to ensure that they are safe. This will be validated with a unique security code that would have been chosen by them at the beginning of their meeting. Should no response be received, or the code entered incorrectly, armed response will immediately be dispatched to the location.

Ride – “Ride” has been built to ensure users have a companion checking whether they arrived safely at their destination. Users can trigger the “Ride” function before they commence their trip, ReactPlus will ask them to confirm their destination and expected arrival time. Once their expected arrival parameters have been met, ReactPlus will automatically check-in to see if they are safe. This will be validated with a unique security code that would have been provided to the user at the beginning of their trip. Should no response be received, or the code be entered incorrectly, armed response will immediately be dispatched to their location.

ReactPlus can be dowloaded now from the App Store: 

For more information visit:

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