LG Tone Free FP buds now available in South Africa

A few years ago finding a pair of wireless buds was more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. These days you’re spoiled for choice with practically every brand under the sun unveiling a pair of wireless buds.

LG Electronics is no stranger to the wireless buds market having brought various iterations of their TONE buds to the country with the latest being their TONE Free FP series earphones.

The new buds incorporate features found in previous ranges including Meridian-tuned sound, Active Noise Cancellation, and an auto-cleaning UVnano charging case, as well as new features including LG’s new Whispering Mode.

Whispering Mode lets you hold the right earphone close to your mouth and whisper into its microphone.

LG’s TONE Free models boast three microphones in each headset that listen for ambient noises and neutralise them by producing identical, though inaudible, soundwaves. By blocking intrusive background noise from three different directions, the active noise cancellation (ANC) of the TONE Free earphones makes calls and music that much clearer.

More immersive audio

The TONE Free earphones feature Merdian Audio, a sound technology that uses digital signal processing to make sounds appear to originate from all directions. The TONE Free FP series adds a 3D Sound Stage feature to this, expanding the sound point via spatial up-mixing and allowing you to hear your favourite tracks in a simulated 3D space. With larger, upgraded drivers and diaphragms featuring silicone edging, allowing for more flexibility and movement, the new TONE Free models now deliver more powerful bass.

Ideal for an active lifestyle

To ensure that their TONE Free FP earphones are always a perfect fit, LG collaborated with an ergonomic design technology lab to analyse hundreds of subjects’ ears. This resulted in the sleek Arc Design, featuring a headset stem 4.4 millimetres shorter than previous models. The FP series earphones are also IPX4 rated, which means they’re water resistant, and allow for worry-free listening during hard workout sessions or even in the rain.

Keeping it clean

Wearing a headset for too long, especially during sweaty workouts, can result in irritated skin or painful ear infections. Two of LG’s three FP series earphones include the industry’s only auto-cleaning UVnano charging case that uses ultra-violet light to reduce bacteria on the earphone speaker mesh by 99.9% after just five minutes of charging. And, to reduce the risk of skin irritations, the earphones feature medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels.


The new LG TONE Free FP series will be available in South Africa this April in Charcoal Black and Pearl White. The FP5, FP8, and FP9 models will retail for R1999, R2699, and R3699 respectively. For more information, visit https://www.lg.com/za/headphones

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